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Susang Mahabidyalaya is the highest educational institution in Durgapur Upazela of the district of Netrakona. With the assistance of the government and several non-government organizations and above all with all out endeavour of the education loving people and elite of the area, this college has been established in 1970 and has been advancing maintaining high academic records since its establishment. Above three thousand male and female students belonging to the majority Bengalis as well as to small ethnic groups like Garo, Hajong etc living in the border belt region adjacent to the Indian state of Meghalaya are receiving higher education in this college. The college imparts intermediate level education in humanities, science and business studies groups and Degree (pass) level education in B.A, B.S.S, B.Sc. and B.B.S courses i.e. it is a full fledged degree college. The staff of the college consists of a principal, a vice-principal, eight assistant professors, thirty one lecturers, two librarians, one physical instructor, two demonstrators, three office-assistants and eleven fourth class employees. Despite some limitations including infrastructural problem, the college plays a vital role in spreading higher education and in developing the living standard of the people of the area. 02. Establishment: 1970 A.D. 03. A brief history of the college: In December 1969, a mass meeting of the civil society of the locality was arranged in the compound of the residence of the former Jaminder, Susang Maharaja with a view to discussing and taking decision about establishing a higher educational institution in this area. The then Thana Circle Officer along with other officials of the thana administration, local elites and people of all walks of life were present in the meeting. There an unanimous resolution of establishing the only higher educational institution of the vast area named “Susang Mahabidyalaya” in the forlorn ‘theatre hall’ of Susang Maharaja was taken with great enthusiasm with a view to developing the standard of mass education and spreading higher education in the area. People irrespective of religion, caste, class and professions such as local Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Garos, Hajongs welcomed and supported the initiative. And with their moral support and financial assistance, the long cherished “Susang Mahabidyalaya” started functioning on 1st July 1970. Babu Nripendra Kishore Roy, who post-graduated from the Calcutta University, was appointed the principal of the college. Being one of the renowned land owners of the area, Babu Nripendrs Kishore Roy contributed greatly to the development of the college while working as ‘honourary’ principal of the institution up to 1973 A.D. With kind assistance of late Comrade Mony Singh and the direct order of the nation’s father Banga Bandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the college got the lease of 3.7 acres of land and the Deputy Commissioner of Mymennsingh provided permanent settlement of the land for the college. The college attained degree affiliation from the University of Dhaka in 1984. Names of principals from beginning till now: i) Babu Nripendra Kishore Roy (honourary) ii) Babu Subodh Goswami. iii) Mr. Md. Hafizuddin Khan. iv) Babu Pritwish Chandra Roy.(in-charge) v) Mr. Md. Abdul Muttalib. vi) Mr. Md. Abdul Quadir. vii) Mr. A.K.M Azizur Rahman. viii) Babu Susthir Ranjan Talukder.(in-charge) ix) Babu Susthir Ranjan Talukder. x) Mr. Md. Abdur Rahman(in-charge) xi) Babu Susthir Ranjan Talukder. xii) Mr. Md. Safiul Islam Talukder. (in-charge) xiii) Dr. Bhabani Saha. (in-charge) xiv) Dr. Bhabani Saha.

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