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Kapasgola City Corporation Mohila College Chittagong-4203. Educated women make a nation enlightened. She is not a burden but an asset and inspiration for the members of the family. If proper environment is given to make your daughter well educated, she will play a vital role to improve the conditions of women in our society. We should give her the opportunity to prove that she is capable of contributing to the development and prosperity of the family, society and the nation in different fields. Kapasgola City Corporation Mohila College aims at the expansion of female education creating a skilled human resource. The administration of the college is committed to develop a student of minimum caliber into a competent person in the realms of science, literature and culture possessing a proactive outlook, morality and efficiency in all spheres of life, thereby contributing to the development of the nation. 1. History, Situation and Infrastructure: Graced with natural beauty, the port city of Chittagong is known as the queen of beauty of the East. But in order to transform a city which lags behind in the sectors of education and culture, into the centre point of wisdom and knowledge, the first step is to increase the opportunities and facilities of acquiring education and knowledge. Besides expanding the quality of education it is necessary to establish good educational institutions. To make Chittagong a commercial capital, in the true sense it is inevitable to increase the quality of education and health-care. In 1994 the Mayor of Chittagong City Corporation identified education as the prerequisite for national progress increasing the number of schools and upgraded a couple of girls' schools into girls' colleges. At present Chittagong City Corporation runs a full-pledged Premier University, 09 colleges amongst which 03 are degree colleges, 01 computer institute, 04 computer colleges, 01 Institute of Health and Technology, 43 high schools, 06 kindergartens, 02 primary schools, and about 600 Forkania madrashas. More than 35 thousand students are getting sufficient opportunities and different facilities in education in a standard and disciplined environment from these institutions. Amongst these institutions Kapasgola City Corporation Mohila College has been established as an important part of the vast academic curriculum of Chittagong City Corporation. Women empowerment and active participation of women in different fields are important for the proper evolution of economic development and social advancement of any country. For this, extensive expansion of female education is essential. Decade after decade women have been deprived of the right of education due to superstition and imprudent mentality of the society. For this reason our social evolution and development of the state is facing great obstacles at every step. If we want to free the nation from this hostile situation, the women-folk must be fit and qualified to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Realizing the aforementioned importance of women education, the sincerity and eagerness of Mayor Alhajj ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, along with the co-operation of elites and guardians interested in education of the area in 1994, the academic activities of Kapasgola City Corporation Mohila College started. Later in 2005 the college was upgraded to Degree level. A girls' high school was founded in 1964 under the banner of Kapasgola City Corporation Girls' High School. The school was first established for the children of middle class society of the areas of Chawkbazar, Katalgonj, Bahaddarhat, Kapasgola, Badurtala, Bakalia, Joynagar, Chandanpura and Chittgong medical college area as they were deprived of education for a long time. Thus in the prevailing socio-economic reality, great zeal and enthusiasm was created among the people with the establishment of the school in 1964 and college in 1994. In the heart of the city, lying on the east side of Chawkbazar, Kapasgola City Corporation Mohila College now proudly stands on a huge piece of self-owned land of 2 acres, portraying an education-friendly, peaceful and attractive view. This institution is already well known in the city as an exceptional centre of ideal education for women with easy and convenient communication system, chaos-free congenial environment surrounded by a strong and secured high boundary wall. It is noteworthy to mention that, having a rich infrastructure, efficient teaching faculty with modern up-to-date training; expected results from past students are just a few important features to be named. Furthermore, this institution has sufficient and spacious classrooms, laboratories equipped with modern apparatus, a girls' (student) common room and a playground surrounded by trees and a garden. For practicing modern science and knowledge there is also a resourceful library enriched with current books, an air-conditioned computer laboratory and three science laboratories. A facility for pure drinking water from a modern water filter is also available. For physical, mental and cultural development of the students there is ample sports equipment, cultural programs and music training class. 2) Location: Kapasgola City Corporation Mohila College is situated in the heart of Chittagong City near the office of ward no 16, beside Chawkbazar- Bahaddarhat road. In the west side of the college there is Chawkbazar, in the north Bahaddarhat and in the east and south there is a large landscape of Bakalia. Being situated in the centre of the city it has easy communication from any place of the city. This institution has already become famous as an exceptional and ideal education centre for women due to its advantageous location and nuisance free calm and quiet environment. 3) Infrastructure: The architecturally modern building of 5,000 square feet, comprises of the Principal's room, an Office room, a Vice-Principal's room, a Teachers' common room and an Exam-control room on the ground floor and a large hall room, air conditioned computer laboratory and two other rooms for the teachers on the 1st floor. On the 2nd and 3rd floor there are eight large class rooms. Adjacent to the main building there are three science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) on the 1st floor of the old building and on the 3rd floor there are twelve classrooms, an enriched library, a storeroom and a students common room. In this institution there is sufficient furniture, light and fans. Practical laboratories are rich in sufficient apparatus and chemicals. It has a big play ground surrounded by trees and a garden. For the practice of modern knowledge and science there is a library rich in recent collections. For the nourishment of physical and mental growth, there is adequate equipment for sports, arrangement for cultural programs and scope of training in music. In front of every class room of the new academic building there are small boards for putting up notices and on every floor there are waste paper bins. The walls of the stairs and corridors are decorated with various artistic pieces of scenery for an attractive look. The front side of the building has a sun-shade and balcony which are also decorated with tubs of indoor plants. Surrounding the spacious field, on the roof of the building and on the portico of the first floor there are trees and a pleasant garden which have turned this institution into an attractive, gorgeous and befitting seat of learning for female students in Chittagong. 4) Mission of the Institution: 1. The qualitative development of female education. 2. To improve the habit of reading more new books and to accelerate students' fascination for science-oriented modern knowledge. 3. To create the sense of cleanliness, dutifulness, discipline, proactive outlook with moral values and to introduce them with modern thoughts and ideas with a scientific outlook. 4. To make them conscious of art, literature and culture, social activity and social environment. 5. To help the students build up a strong foundation of mother tongue acquiring sound knowledge of it and also to make them efficient in every day English. 6. To make the students efficient in modern science and technology through computer literacy and science-oriented environment and also to make them self-confident with hatred for corruption and addiction.

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