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Mr. Reboti Romon Datta, born in July 22, 1885 in the village of Kanungopara of Boalkhali upazilla, Chittagong, is the founder of Sir Ashutosh College; a cathedral of knowledge, tradition and sanctity. In his academic studies, Mr. Datta accomplished M. Sc. in Mathematics securing a first class from Calcutta University in 1908. During his university days he grew very fond of Sir Ashutosh Mukharjee, who insisted Mr. Datta to carry research in Mathematics—a task that the later could not start immediately for the sake of career. He passed the Bengal Civil Service test with distinction and joined civil service. But the inspiration he received from Sir Ashutosh was far to evade from him and he was very keen on spreading the scope of education, especially English language among his locality. He realised the importance education in remote parts of the country and hence, established ‘Kanungopara Education Society’ in the early part of 1930s. With ceaseless effort and enthusiasm he established a college: Sir Ashutosh College in 1939 after his esteemed teacher, a historian and former Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University, Sir Ashutosh Mukharjee. The academic activities of the college started on August 14, 1939 with Mr. Shyamapada giving the first class on Logic. The class was started even before the academic building was fully erected. The science faculty was introduced in 1945 with Mr. Jagatchandra Chowdhury being the first Principle of the college having a science background. As students of science started making gradual progress, it was essential to introduce B. Sc. Programme in the college. The overall effort, environment and enthusiasm from all concerned were so promising that the inauguration of honours programme became a question of time. Economics was the very first of the few other disciplines that started the honours studies in Sir Ashutosh Govt. College. The early 1930s were time of Second World War, the effect of which had its mark in the college too as some places of Chittagong city was heavily bombarded. Along with that famine of 1943 took a huge toll in the lives of the locality. The honours programmes had to shut down due to lack of tuition fees collection from the students. The location and scenic beauty of Sir Ashutosh College always had an appeal to the curious eyes. The academic buildings, play grounds, ponds, the hostels of the students had classic architectural integrity. Sir Ashutosh College was visited by some famous personalities across the world. Among them there is Dr. Sarbapalli Radhakrishnan, a famous philosopher and ex-President of India; Dr. Promoth Nath Banarjee, the then Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University; Neli Sen Gupta, the then Chairperson of All India Congress Party; Mr. Ataur Rahman, Chief Minister of East Pakistan in 1954; Dr. Kudrat-E-Khuda, Director of Federal Bureau of Science and Industrial Research etc. The college was twice visited by the then Dean, School of Science, Dhaka University and a premier Scientist of Bangladesh Dr. Kaji Motahar Hussain. He was accompanied by famous poetess Begum Sufia Kamal who duly appreciated the role of Sir Ashutosh College in excelling female education in this locality. The college was also visited by Mr. Fazlul Kader Chowdhury, the then President (in-charge) of East Pakistan in 1963 and Mr. A. K. Khan, the then Minister of Industrial Affairs in 1965. The science seminar room of the college was inaugurated by Dr. Anowar Hussain, the then Chairman of Nuclear Energy Commission of East Pakistan and a famous scientist. Among the other famous personalities to visit this college there is Dr. A. R. Mallik, Ex-Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University; Professor Abdul Karim, Ex-Vice Chancellor of Chittagong University; Mr. Kaji Motaher Hussain; and the chief poet of Bangladesh Jasimuddin etc. On October 26, 1986 the college is nationalised naming SIR ASHUTOSH GOVT. COLLEGE. The honours programme was reopened in the college on February 07, 2010 with relentless effort from the Principle of the college Professor Mr. Dipak Talukdar. From its inception till today Sir Ashutosh Govt. College is the breeding ground for knowledge, excellence, supremacy and sense of diligence. It was Mr. Reboti Raman Datta’s dream to establish a college that would stand out to be an ideal home of wisdom and perseverance for a locality which is far away from the madding crowd. Sir Ashutosh Govt. College would forever remain committed to that noble aspiration.

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