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Barakotha Union Degree College is one of the best and renowed colleges in Ujirpur Upajilla of Barisa district. It is a government approved as an Intermidiate college which was established in 1995 by a group of philanthropists, local elites and patrons After taking a decision Mr Salek Sikder was selected as the founder of the college and a managing committe was constituted . The college was formally inaugurated on 1st January 1995 by Thana Nirbahi officer Mr. Sheikh Alauddin. The college follows national curriculum textbook board for H.S.C level and National University syllalbes for Degree (pass) course with all its distinetive features. The academic programs and co-curriculum activities are continually updated and adapted to meet the local needs. Since joining Barakotha Union Degree college Mr. Al-jaj Abu Naser uddin , the founder principal provided leadership in improving , expanding and diversifying various academic programs Barakotha Union Degree college now has 47 teachers and staffs. The lecturers delivers their lecturer roughly 100% of the subjects offered. All the assistant professors and lecturers have obtained higher degrees from reputed universities in Bangladesh. It is very selective in recruiting teachers and admitting students. Its current student envollment is obove 600. The college is generally acknowledged as a renowned college in Ujirpur Upazilla for its various activities. History: 1) The H.S.C level was first introduced in 1995 with business studies and humanities group. The science group was started later in 2000. 1st M.P.O was provided on 1th April 1999 ii) The first freshman classes of January 1995 had about 160 students. iii) The degree (pass) course was launched on 02-10-2003. The M.P.O was provided on 1st May 2004. The governing body which provides the overall policy, guidelines and approves annual budget of the college is headed by its chairman: H.M. Khalaq-uz-Zaman (Ex-general manager of Sonali Bank) . The office authority runs the administration of the college with in the policy, guidelines provided by Barisal board and National University. The office assistant, Md. Mannan Mia maintains the college recokds includins accounts of the college, admissions and examination results and keeps liaison with Ministry of Education.

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POST: CHOWDHURIR HAT,Upzila-Ujirpur,Zila-Barisal. (E-mail: Ujirpur - 8220
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